About Us

Somtum Der Bangkok was first founded in 2012 by Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, Thai restaurateur, whose desire is to share the originality of regional cuisine from his hometown, Khon Kaen province of Thailand. He describes Somtum Der as a place “where real local recipes are available in a differentiated ambience.” The brand’s genuine spirit of Isan is reflected in every bit. Starting from the name of the restaurant, der is a common suffix widely used in Isan region. It indicates a warm invitation, which in the same time can be informative.

Somtum Der is globally acclaimed as a pioneer in Thai cooking for its authentic and elevated Isan cuisine with a modern approach. After the successful 2012 debut in Bangkok, Somtum Der expanded to New York City in 2014 where it was recognized with One Michelin Star (2016), followed by openings in Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City (2017) and its fagship location in the upscale Thong Lor neighborhood in Bangkok (2018).

"We are thrilled to announce the opening of Somtum Der in Chiang Mai, one of the most beloved cities in the world," says Somtum Der owner Thanaruek Laoraowirodge. "After multiple visits to Chiang Mai, I learned that, although Northeastern Thai or Isan food has similarities to northern Thai food, surprisingly, the authentic taste of Isan cuisine has not been well represented in Chiang Mai. I think it's time we bring the excitement of Somtum Der and the premium taste of Isan cuisine to this famous city. One Nimman is the perfect location as Chiang Mai's trendiest neighborhood with a mix of culture, food and bars for everyone, including locals, expats and tourists."

At Somtum Der Chiang Mai, the menu will offer Somtum Der’s popular dishes such as Tum Sua Sakon Nakorn (papaya salad with fermented fsh sauce and horse tamarind or “Krathin” in Thai); Tum Thai Kai Khem (papaya salad with salted egg); Sa Pok Kai Tod Der (deep fried chicken thigh); Moo Ping Kati Sod (grilled coconut milk marinated pork); and Larb Tod (deep-fried, spicy minced pork).

Unlike Central Thailand cuisine, Isan cooking uses more chili, less sugar, more herbs and a unique fermented sauce called “pla ra.”

In addition to the recognition by Michelin Guide, Somtum Der has been bestowed the ‘Thai Select’ award, a prestigious certifcation of authenticity given by the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, which recognizes qualifed ingredients and distinctive, authentic Thai taste.

A dining experience at Somtum Der is like a brief journey to Isan itself. At the Chiang Mai 46-seat restaurant, the Somtum bar remains the focal point where guests can experience the sights and sounds of their Somtum freshly prepared in an open-concept kitchen. The decorative items showcase various artifacts from day-to-day life of Isan people include the use of huad (weaved steamer), soom (shing coop) and pa-khao-ma (loincloth), ordinary items seen in every household in Isan.

Now, it is time to experience

authentic and unique recipes at Somtum Der Chiang Mai
and discover the true taste of Isan.